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External/outside scholarships are an excellent way to help reduce your need to work and/or borrow student loans while at Pratt. Keep in mind that federal regulations stipulate that an outside scholarship cannot be used to reduce your family’s expected contribution. When you receive an outside scholarship, our office is required to reevaluate your financial aid package and account for the additional resource.


Scholarships for incoming students are awarded by the admissions office for undergraduate students and by the academic department for graduate students. No application is necessary, and these are merit-based. Continuing students are eligible for endowed/restricted scholarships. International students are eligible for international merit-based scholarships.

Outside scholarships can be used to reduce the following:

  • Student Loans
  • Federal Work Study

Listed below are several links to search engines where you can investigate and apply for various outside scholarship opportunities:

Outside Scholarships For Domestic Students

The financial aid office has compiled a list of scholarships that domestic undergraduate students can apply for that are outside of Pratt Institute. These agencies are independent of Pratt and evaluate each application based on their own criteria. You may download the list below in the download module

International Scholarships

International students are eligible for our international merit-based scholarships. International students do not qualify for need-based aid. There is no application for the merit-based scholarships awarded to incoming students, and all accepted applicants are considered automatically. To qualify for merit-based scholarships, you are not required to submit a FAFSA. 

Outside Scholarships For International Students

The financial aid office has complied a list of outside scholarships that international students can apply for. These agencies are independent of Pratt and evaluate each application based on their own criteria. You may download the list below in the download module.

Restricted And Endowed Scholarships

These scholarships and grants are awarded on the basis of academic achievement and/or financial need. There are no special financial aid forms for Restricted and Endowed Scholarships, although departmental applications may be required. Recipients are selected by deans or department chairpersons based on criteria established by the donors. These awards are made for one year only and are based on the availability of funds in any given year. A list of these scholarships is available in pdf form below.


All undergraduate students:

  1. Maintain satisfactory academic progress
  2. Must be recommended by appropriate department
  3. Satisfy all special eligibility requirements
  • Minimum Annual Amount – $500
  • Maximum Annual Amount – $1500
  • Maximum Lifetime Amount Per Student – None
  • Repayment Terms – None
Net Cost

In considering colleges, it is important to understand whether the schools you are looking at award merit scholarships in addition to need-based aid. Pratt has a generous merit-based scholarship program. Check our Net Price Calculator to estimate your merit and need-based aid.

Pratt Munson Scholarships

Merit scholarships are based on the student’s cumulative GPA at Pratt Munson including the fall term of second year. Brooklyn students who transfer to Pratt Munson will be considered for scholarships when they return to Pratt in Brooklyn based on their first year at Pratt and their first semester of their second year at Pratt Munson. Students who submit the FAFSA will also be considered for need-based aid. See scholarship amounts.

Still have questions? Check out, a government website with excellent information on financial aid.