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Recruiting & Retaining Diverse Students

Photograph of a class gathering around and examining artwork on the ground

Expand efforts to recruit and retain diverse undergraduate and graduate students from underrepresented groups.

  • Expand recruitment efforts to increase the number of domestic Black, Latinx, Native/Indigenous, and Asian American/Pacific Islander (BIPOC) undergraduate students.
  • Expand recruitment efforts to increase the number of domestic BIPOC graduate students.
  • Develop pipelines for BIPOC undergraduate and graduate students, including alumni from Associates, Center for K-12, Munson Williams Pratt, and Pre-College programs. 
  • Increase scholarships and financial aid to improve yields for BIPOC students.
  • Leverage best practices from HEOP to improve retention of students who identify as BIPOC, first-generation, and/or low socioeconomic status.
  • Enhance support and resources for BIPOC students participating in the Diverse Scholars Program.
  • Additional Admissions Counselor hired for NYC High Schools
  • Admissions partnering with The Black Alumni of Pratt (BAP), the Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP), and Pre-College Program Staff on Recruitment Events
  • Recruiting partnerships with Community-Based Organizations
  • Expanded email outreach to diverse high School Students
  • Increased Scholarships for First-Generation and Low-Income students
  • DEI Office engagement in Accepted Student Days
  • Participated in Online Portfolio Days for undergraduate and graduate students
  • Developed Accepted Student Videos and Noel Levitz Videos explaining Financial Awards
  • Implemented Starfish for Early Warning Academic Advising
  • Expanded support and tutoring Resources from the Learning/Access Center 
  • Launched the Retention Task Force
  • Implemented Test-Optional Admissions Pilot
  • Kathryn and Kenneth Chenault Scholarship for three Diverse Architecture Students
  • Balenciaga and BAP Scholarship for two Diverse Design, Art or Architecture Students
  • Pratt President’s Wallace Augustus Rayfield Scholarship for twenty Diverse Undergraduate & Graduate Students
  • Increased funding for Pratt Pre-College and Young Scholars applicants
  • Launched the Diverse Scholars Committee 
  • Enhanced Admitted Student Yield Activities and Welcome Package
  • Created Back to Pratt Section for New Incoming Students and Continuing Students
  • Launched Undergraduate and Graduate Virtual Department Presentations
  • Launched DEI Dashboards with Student Data on Pratt Website 
  • Launched the Student Success Committee
  • Hosted Affirmative Action Town Hall
  • Launched Pathways to Pratt Initiative