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Creating a Welcoming Environment

16-081 Pratt - Pratt Development

Build an inclusive community where students, faculty, and staff are treated with respect, ideas are freely expressed, and differences are accepted and valued.

  • Cultivate an inclusive culture of belonging and connectedness where students, faculty, and staff are valued, respected, supported, and engaged.
  • Foster a safe campus environment where community members can thrive without fear of hate, bias, discrimination, and/or harassment.
  • Ensure that facilities, programs, websites, and technology systems are accessible for all community members.
  • Develop an anti-racism and anti-oppression framework and training resources to improve curriculum, pedagogy, policies, practices, and procedures.
  • Increase financial support and resources for low socioeconomic status and first-generation students.
  • Enhance faculty and staff benefit options, onboarding processes, and orientation workshops.
  • Reconvened the Bias Education Response Task Force 
  • Administered Mandatory EVERFI Accommodating Disabilities, Diversity and Inclusion, and Preventing Harassment and Discrimination online trainings for Faculty and Staff
  • Administered Mandatory EVERFI DEI online training course for Students
  • Launched the Pratt Food Pantry 
  • Administered the Campus Climate Survey for Students, Faculty and Staff
  • Established the Student Government Association DEI Chair role
  • Established the Student Diversity Advisory Board
  • Appointed a Senior Student Advocate & Care Coordinator
  • Appointed an Assistant Vice Provost for Campus Safety & Preparedness
  • Hosted Center for Teaching and Learning Forums and Workshops
  • Hosted Federal Work-Study Job Fairs
  • Launched the Pratt Staff Council
  • Launched the DEI Allies Training Certificate Program
  • Created the Student Supply Fund
  • Created the Student Support Grant
  • Created Student Emergency Fund
  • Hosted Indigenous Knowledge and Land Recognition Workshop
  • Launched Human Resources Onboarding Committee
  • Created Online Bias, Discrimination & Sexual Misconduct Incident Report Form
  • Published Anti-Racism, Asian American and Pacific Islander, Disability, Inclusive Language, Latinx and Undocumented, LGBTQ+, Native and Indigenous Resource Guides
  • Hosted Accessibility Advisory Committee Town Halls
  • Relaunched the Campus Safety Committee
  • Launched the Resilience Council
  • Launched the First Generation Committee
  • Launched the Advancing Access Campaign 
  • Developed an Institutional Living Land Acknowledgment
  • Updated Pratt’s Non-Discrimination Policy
  • Hosted Bridging the Gap: Supporting International Students Mental Health during COVID Workshops
  • Launched the Black Studies Interdisciplinary Minor
  • Created the Office of Title IX and Bias Response
  • Appointed a Senior Employee and Labor Relations Specialist
  • Appointed a Director of Benefits
  • Launched Menstrual Product Access Project
  • Launched Courtesy Meals Program
  • Launched Senior Project Materials Fund
  • Developed Student Pregnancy Parental Policy
  • Added DEI Question to Performance Evaluation Process
  • Implemented NameCoach feature in Canvas