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Speculating the Environment

By Claire Donato and Audrey Lindsey

STEAMplant Faculty Members - Claire Donato & Audrey Massmann

A dilapidated shack with polar bears roaming inside. The building is made of rotting wood and has a faded yellow hue. Polar bears are looking at the camera through windows.

STEAMplant Faculty Members – Claire Donato & Audrey Massmann

Perhaps the greatest appeal of science is its promise to predict the future. However, deterministic predictions cannot encompass the ecologies that will develop under accelerating crises of migration.  Although there is scientific consensus that ecologies are changing and will continue to change, the nature of far-future changes are too complex to assess statistically.  When the realm of probabilities gives way to the realm of possibilities, we speculate. “Speculating the Environment” explores the interface between environmental prediction and speculation via a year-long cross-disciplinary workshop and talk series.