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In the Wake of Tragic World Events


Dear Pratt Community,

We find ourselves at the end of a week of very tragic and traumatic world events: eleven Pittsburgh congregants massacred at an intimate gathering in their synagogue, two Kentucky residents murdered at their grocery store after the shooter could not enter the predominantly black church that had been his intended target, a journalist tortured and killed while doing his job, bombs delivered to the homes and offices of elected officials and their supporters, and several other events.

We at Pratt are acutely aware of the importance of safe spaces, those places that we chose because they are supportive and protective—because they are home. When we see these spaces disrupted for anyone—especially communities we belong to and care about—we not only feel their loss, we feel it personally.

These acts of hate and terror contradict every human value that we hold dear at Pratt, and we stand united with all of those left grieving in their wake.

Let us also work together to support one another and deepen the safety and care of this place where we learn and work. A service has been planned for 12:30 PM on Tuesday in the Chapel. Rabbi Simon Weinstein will preside.

Counseling is available on campus for students who need support. The Counseling Center in the ISC building is open from 9 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday. Appointments and inquiries can be made at 718.687.5356. Faculty and staff can seek support through Human Resources in Myrtle Hall. Inquiries and appointments can be scheduled at 718.636.3787.

With deep sincerity,

Frances Bronet Signature

Frances Bronet