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Helping a Student in Difficulty


As a member of the Pratt Institute faculty or administration, you may become concerned about a student during the course of a semester and wish to refer them to appropriate support services. 

Referring Students to the Learning/access Center

If you are concerned about a student who is struggling academically, you can refer them to the L/AC for help. You can also refer students to the L/AC when an accommodation has been requested but the student does not have an official accommodation letter (known as a Faculty Notification Letter or FNL) from the L/AC. In this situation, rather than accepting documentation of disability directly from a student, refer them to the L/AC to officially enroll and formally request accommodations. In addition to determining and establishing appropriate accommodations, the L/AC can provide additional support services that may be beneficial to the student’s success.

If you would like to discuss a student concern or other disability-related issues, please contact us at 718.802.3123 or

Additional Helpful Resources

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:

Center for Teaching and Learning: 718.687.5355,

The Counseling Center: 718.687.5356,

Senior Student Advocate & Care Coordinator: 718.399.4546,

Health Services: 718.399.4544,

Office of Institutional Equity & Title IX:  718-687-5369,​