As this academic year began, we were cresting, as New York Magazine put it, “the Summer of the Photo Dump.” On Instagram, image carousels filled with camera-roll miscellany without pretense or filter—nonchalant on one hand, or, taken another way, singular, lyrical glimpses of the ephemeral beauty of everyday experience. For this issue of Prattfolio, situated in New York City, in Brooklyn, on campus, we look at moments captured by Pratt students as they moved once again through this place of serendipity, surprise, and creative connection. 

Two people at an IKEA café table look out over a parking lot of school buses with the Manhattan skyline in the distance
Building with fire escape, green trees, and blue sky viewed at an angle from below
Bike propped standing on its back wheel against a wall, with a Blick bag hanging on its handlebars
Students gather on a city sidewalk with 99 cent fresh pizza sign illuminated in red on a storefront behind them
Shopping cart holding green plants and pink sign reading Please Do Not Remove Plants
Dancers in black leotards leap with arms stretched up in an outdoor performance
Pair of students sit on bench looking out over city from floor-to-ceiling windows