Prattfolio presents the annual roundup of recently published books by and about Pratt Institute alumni, in time for summer reading. From a poetry collection to empower young activists, to a photographic reverie in summertime light and shadow, to a dive into the soul of the modern metropolis, alumni have written, illustrated, compiled, and had their work immortalized in a host of compelling new titles.

To inspire tomorrow’s change makers

Book covers for "From My Window", "Woke", "If We Were Gone", and "All Because You Matter"

From My Window (United Nations Publications)
Xue Bai (Snow), MPS Arts and Cultural Management ’21

Woke: A Young Poet’s Call to Justice (Roaring Brook Press)
Mahogany L. Browne, MFA Writing ’16

If We Were Gone: Imagining the World without People (Millbrook Press)
Natalie Capannelli, MFA ’08

All Because You Matter (Scholastic)
Bryan Collier, BFA Painting ’89

To spark young imaginations

Book covers for "Mysterious Messenger", "RBI Robots", and "Red Skies Falling"

The Mysterious Messenger (Henry Holt and Co.)
Gilbert Ford, BFA Communications Design ’00

RBI Robots (Papercutz)
John Steven Gurney, BFA Illustration ’84

Red Skies Falling (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)
Alex London, MSLIS ’10

For a dose of humor

Book Cover for "Everyone's A Critic The Ultimate Cartoon Book"

Everyone’s A Critic: The Ultimate Cartoon Book by the World’s Greatest Cartoonists (Princeton Architectural Press)
Bob Eckstein, BFA Communications Design ’85

. . . and resistance

Book cover for "Shameless Feminists"

Shameless Feminists: World War 3 Illustrated #50 (AK Press)
Isabella Bannerman, BFA Printmaking ’82; Sabrina Jones, BFA Painting ’82; Sandy Jimenez; and Rebecca Migdal

For a suspenseful escape

Book cover for "Dread of Winter"

Dread of Winter (Kensington)
Susan Alice Bickford, MFA ’80

To investigate design, art, and architecture

Book covers for "The Elements Of A Home", "Glass Flowers", "The Good Metropolis"

The Elements of a Home (Chronicle Books)
Amy Azzarito, MSLIS ’03

Glass Flowers: Marvels in Art and Science at Harvard (Scala Arts Publishers)
Jennifer Brown, MSLIS ’11

The Good Metropolis: From Urban Formlessness to Metropolitan Architecture (Birkhäuser)
Alexander Eisenschmidt, PhD, MArch ’00

To develop and expand design practice

Book covers for "Designing with Society", "Beginner's Guide To Sketching the Fashion Figure", and "Good Talk"

Designing with Society: A Capabilities Approach to Design, Systems Thinking and Social Innovation (Routledge)
Scott Boylston, MS Communications Design ’00

Beginners Guide to Sketching the Fashion Figure (Fairchild Bloomsbury Publications)
Lisa Steinberg, BFA Fashion Design ’81

Good Talk: How to Design Conversations that Matter
Daniel Stillman, MID ’07

To explore Pratt alumni work

Book covers for "Picture summer on Kodak Film", "Desire: Patti Smith & Robert Mapplethorpe Portraits 1968–1969", and "Suzie Zuzek for Lilly Pulitzer"

Picture Summer on Kodak Film (Mack)
Jason Fulford, BFA Communications Design ’96

Desire: Patti Smith & Robert Mapplethorpe Portraits 1968–1969 (NJG Studio)
Lloyd Ziff, BFA Graphic Arts ’67

Suzie Zuzek for Lilly Pulitzer (Rizzoli Electa)
Suzie Zuzek, Certificate, Textile Design ’49