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Retired Faculty and Emeritus/Emerita Designation Policy


Office of the Provost

Tenured faculty who retire from Pratt in good standing retain their  Pratt email account and have access to Library collections and  services as specified by the Library. Tenured faculty include both full time tenured faculty and adjunct faculty holding the Certificate of  Continuous Employment.  

These faculty may also be considered for the emeritus/emerita  honorary designation. 

Purpose: Emeritus/emerita status is granted to select distinguished faculty upon retirement from Pratt Institute in recognition of their service to the  Institute. These individuals will be granted the rights and privileges outlined  below in recognition of their role at the Institute.  

Affected Employees: Retired Tenured Faculty 

Criteria/process: Retired members of the Pratt faculty who held tenure at  the time of their retirement are eligible for nomination to emeritus/emerita  faculty status. Tenure for the purposes of this emeritus/emerita policy  includes both full-time tenured faculty and adjunct faculty holding the  Certificate of Continuous Employment. This is an honorary title intended to  recognize meritorious faculty service to the Institute. Normally nominations  to emeritus/emerita status will be considered in the year following the  faculty member’s retirement or in any year thereafter. 

Emeritus/emerita nominations may be offered by any member of the  current tenured faculty or by a department chair or dean. In addition, the  provost will routinely review all recent retirements of tenured faculty and  nominate those he/she deems qualified for emeritus/emerita status. Once a nomination is made, it will be presented for review and  recommendation by the appropriate departmental peer committee, chair and dean, and forwarded to the provost. With the provost’s approval, the  nomination will be forwarded to the president for presentation to the  academic affairs committee of the board, and then to the board of trustees.  Conferral of emeritus/emerita status may be made only by the board of  trustees. 

Emeritus/emerita status is intended to recognize those members of the  tenured faculty who have served Pratt Institute with distinction. The criteria  for conferral may include: excellence in teaching; distinguished professional  achievement; outstanding service to the Institute and/or to society; and  special contributions to the advancement of Pratt Institute, its students  and/or alumni. 

Policy/Privileges: Faculty who are awarded emeritus/emerita status will  have the following benefits/privileges: 

  • Pratt identification card designated as emeritus status continued use of Pratt Institute email account 
  • general access to the Pratt campuses 
  • use of the Pratt athletic center, similar to active faculty/staff • access to the library facilities and use of books, periodicals, video  recordings, and online materials 
  • eligibility to purchase a parking permit, similar to active faculty/staff • eligibility for Tuition Remission for the emeritus/emerita professor, up  to 3 credits per semester  
  • may receive invitations to faculty events