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Pre-Retirement Leave Policy


Office of the Provost

A Pratt faculty member holding the rank of associate or full professor, and the status of tenured full-time or adjunct with CCE, and with at minimum a twenty-year employment history with the Institute, and who has taught full-time for at least two semesters (Fall/Spring) since his or her most recent sabbatical, is eligible for a paid pre-retirement leave of one-half year, upon timely application in accordance with this policy and execution of an Agreement and Release. Periods of absence due to short- or long-term disability or Family Medical Leave will not disqualify a faculty member from satisfying either the twenty years of full-time employment or the two semesters of recent teaching requirement.

During the leave, the faculty member remains employed by the Institute, and continues to receive the appropriate faculty benefits package. A faculty member on pre-retirement leave remains subject to the Institute’s policies, but has no teaching or service obligations to the Institute. Retirement is effective at the conclusion of the period of leave.

Pre-Retirement Semester Leave and the Pre-Retirement Teaching Option in Article XXII of the faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement are distinct and mutually exclusive provisions. An eligible faculty member may opt for either but not both.

No later than seven months prior to the date upon which the leave would begin (normally by February for a leave commencing September 1 or by June for leave commencing January 1), an eligible faculty member must have initiated the process by completing an application for that purpose that is available from the Office of the Provost. Provided that leave is requested in writing to the Provost and the conditions of eligibility have been fulfilled, a decision will be rendered by the Provost within ten days of receipt of the application. Leave can be revoked at the Institute’s discretion if the faculty member violates any of the Institute’s policies either before or during the leave.