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COVID-19 Vaccination Time Off Policy


Human Resources

New York State recently passed legislation that enables faculty and staff to use time off to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. Faculty and staff would be allowed up to four hours of excused leave per injection that would not be charged against any other leave. This change takes effect immediately.

How will Pratt use this information? 

Pratt will store your vaccination information in a confidential manner to be used for contact tracing and aggregating how many faculty, staff and students have been partially or completely vaccinated.

Who does this apply to? How does it work?

  • If you are a staff member who already received your vaccination or part of your vaccination and used your accruals, please upload your vaccination proof/information here and contact with the date and accrual(s) used. Remember you can only use the “Vaccination Day” in four hour increments. If you chose to use a whole day accrual for one injection, only half of your accrual will be credited back to you and replaced with the “Vaccination Day”.
  • If you are a staff member in the process of scheduling your vaccination during working hours, you must use the UKG Ready (formerly Kronos) timekeeping systems and use the “Vaccination Day” time off type when requesting the day off.
    • Your supervisor will approve the time and you will have one week to submit the proof of your vaccination by uploading it to the Vaccine Form. If you fail to upload proof within one week, other accruals will be charged for the time off.
    • You will repeat the process for the second dose if you did not receive a single dose vaccination. 
    • The Vaccination Day code allows for increments up to 4 hours for each request.  This includes travel time to and from the vaccination site. You should be requesting only the time needed to obtain the vaccination and report back to work as your schedule dictates. For example: if your appointment is at 9 am,  you normally begin working at 9 am and you return to Pratt at 11:00 am, you should only charge 2 hours of “Vaccination Day” time, not all four hours.  

Why does this not apply to everyone?

  • Staff who received their vaccination during non-business hours, regular days off or holidays are not entitled to the Vaccination Day because they must have used accrued time to get the vaccination. We still encourage you to upload your vaccination information by using the Vaccine Form.
  • If you are a faculty member and the only time you could book a vaccine appointment is when you are supposed to be teaching, please speak with your Chair about classroom coverage possibilities. However, we still request that you submit your vaccination proof for contact tracing purposes by using the Vaccine Form.  

Still have questions? – send them to

Vaccination Submission Process:

Pratt Institute asks Faculty and Staff to upload their vaccination proof into our secure database for contact tracing purposes, proof of eligibility for using the Vaccination Day accrual and to aggregate data about the progress our community has made towards vaccination against the COVID-19 virus.  

These are the steps:

  1. Login to the Vaccine form using your OneKey ID.
  2. Be prepared to upload a clear image of your vaccination proof that shows your name, vaccine information and vaccination date.
  3. Select the vaccination brand you received and indicate the date(s) that you received the vaccination. If this is the first dose, you will also have to submit the second dose with the proof of the second dose.
  4. Click the submit button. You will receive a confirmation email of your submission.  Once your submission is reviewed, you will receive a subsequent email about your submissions status (approved or rejected).

Thank you for taking the time to get vaccinated – it helps to create a safer community for all of us.