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Human Resources

Pratt’s Compensation policies and procedures are designed to provide fair and competitive salaries to employees as well as objective and responsive means for review of employee compensation.

Type and frequency of compensation vary depending on employee classification. 


Salary ranges are established for each regular full-time position within Pratt Institute.  Employee salaries are determined within that range based on employee qualifications and experience.

Minimum salaries are established by the respective collective bargaining agreements for the following classifications of employees:

  • Full-time and part-time faculty (represented by UFCT Local 1460)
  • Full-time and part-time clerical and technical employees (represented by OPEIU, Local 153)

The following classifications of employees are paid an hourly rate established in the respective collective bargaining agreement:

  • Full-time security officers (represented by OPEIU, Local 153)
  • Full-time and part-time Facilities employees (represented by NCFO, Local 311)
  • Full-time Facilities employees (represented by SEIU, Local 32BJ) 

The Institute determines annually the rates of any salary increases for administrator (i.e. non-bargaining unit) employees.

Pay increases for all bargaining unit employees are established in the respective collective bargaining agreements.


The Institute has established a procedure to respond to examples of inequities in salaries among Pratt employees.  The object of the equity adjustment procedure is to review and identify positions that are out of sync in terms of salary with positions of like duties and responsibilities throughout the Institute.


Employees classified as Non-Exempt are eligible for overtime pay for any work beyond 40 hours in a workweek in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  Security officers (represented by OPEIU, Local 153), Facilities employees (represented by NCFO, Local 311 or SEIU, Local 32BJ), clerical and technical employees (represented by OPEIU, Local 153), and a number of administrator (i.e. non-bargaining unit) employees are classified as Non-Exempt and therefore OT eligible.  The respective collective bargaining agreements provide additional terms regarding the payment of overtime.


Employees may also be eligible to receive stipends in limited circumstances for completing work or responsibilities beyond the parameters of their primary position. 

  • Weekly (Friday): full-time security officers (represented by OPEIU, Local 153), full-time and part-time facilities employees (represented by NCFO, Local 311), full-time facilities employees (represented by SEIU, Local 32BJ)
  • Bi-weekly (Friday): full-time and part-time administrator (i.e. non bargaining unit), full-time and part-time clerical and technical employees (represented by OPEIU, Local 153)
  • Semi-monthlypart-time faculty (represented by UFCT Local 1460). Part-time faculty are paid during semesters of active employment
  • Monthlyfull-time faculty (represented by UFCT Local 1460). Full-time faculty may select to receive their annual salary over 10 or 12 months.