Senior film/video student and Charles Pratt Memorial Scholarship recipient Casiano Hamer grew up playing baseball. The majority of his childhood revolved around the game, from the age of five until he finished high school. “It started as organized playtime, where coaches held your hand and gave out bags of chips after games,” he says. “Then it became ruthless, where a player’s acumen was measured by local news coverage and radar guns.”

In his 12-minute short narrative film, Stud, Hamer explores how uncompromising demands and expectations affect young sports players, and examines the effects of hyper-masculinity on American sports culture. Created as part of his coursework at Pratt, the film tells the story of 13 year-old Aaron as he prepares for his first game of travel baseball season, trained by his father, a once successful athlete. 

Hamer explains that he is devoted to spotlighting marginalized communities through his work, and to helping those who may not have the type of opportunity that his education has given him. Earlier this fall, he was the student speaker at Legends 2017, Pratt Institute’s annual benefit that provides vital funds for merit and need-based scholarships that help the nearly 70 percent of Pratt students who receive financial aid to pursue their educational and creative ambitions.

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