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The Book minor at Pratt is a unique offering that brings together courses in design, history, art, and theory to investigate the forms and functions of the book in our society. The book has served as a record of human existence and, over thousands of years, has changed in form and meaning. What does it mean to be a book in the twenty-first century? Exposure to both critical theory and physical construction techniques prepares students to explore their interests in the history and theory of the book, as well as book design and book arts. Through a varied selection of course offerings that combine studio work with intellectual rigor, students in Pratt’s Book Minor receive grounding in the conceptual, craft, historical and aesthetic foundations of the contemporary fields related to the book as idea, object, artwork, and cultural artifact.

Minor Coordinator
Miriam Schaer

Associate Provost for Interdisciplinary and Integrative Learning
Founding Director, The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies
Curator, Individualized Learning

Amir Parsa