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Our Research

Rhonda Schaller, Esmilda Abreu-Hornbostel and Sam Harvey
Seed Grantee 2019-2020

This video presents our research on mindfulness, creativity and creative business thinking. How companies think creatively is one of the most significant areas of inquiry in business. Recent research into problem solving has shown a direct relationship between mindfulness, social progress, and creativity. Mindfulness Resource Lab: Workforce and Business Development for the Creative Economy looks at mindfulness as a business resource especially in the context of creative companies within a defined city culture. We hope to investigate the potential correlation between the cultivation of collective mindfulness with creativity and innovation.

Papers and Chapters

1) R Schaller. Chapter 10 The Mindful Eye. Infinite Mind, Creative Mind, Business Mind: The Meditation Incubator pgs, 209 – 244. Common Grounds Publishing. 2018

This chapter examines the impact of the Meditation Incubator: Creative Mind Business Mind co-curricular course at Pratt Institute on students’ ability to deepen their creative vision by applying a meditative lens to their coursework, career and life planning and wellbeing as visual artists. It presents individual examples that illuminate the role of meditation and visualization in strengthening the core educational experience in a university setting.

2) R Schaller. ArtSchool Critique 2.0 Look at Studio Critique Stress and Mindfulness,  pgs 136  – 139  Teacher’s College 2016

This paper looks at contemplative practices such as mindfulness, visualization and meditation and how they can be used as a lens in art critique. I created an applied research project to see if a meditative lens as a form of contemplative inquiry can result in enhanced student success, providing deeper understanding, preparation, and synthesis in the classroom. This paper describes the project and as an artist who uses these practices in the studio, as well as an educator and student affairs administrator who implements programs utilizing contemplative inquiry, I present what happened when I taught students to meditate and visualize as preparation for critique.