Valerie Hubbs


Adjunct Associate Professor - CCE Creative Arts Therapy 718.636.3428 p Brooklyn Campus, North Hall 2

Current Course Listing (10)

21/SP-ADT-662-05 Professional Practice and Clinical Super vision

20/FA-ADT-663-06 Professional Ethics and Clinical Supervision

20/FA-ADT-663-15 Professional Ethics and Clinical Supervision

21/SP-ADT-664-06 Professional Identity and Clinical Super vision

21/SP-ADT-700-15 Thesis In Progress

21/SP-ADT-700-16 Thesis In Progress

21/SP-ADT-700-17 Thesis In Progress

20/FA-ADT-700-15 Thesis In Progress

20/FA-ADT-700-16 Thesis In Progress

20/FA-ADT-700-17 Thesis In Progress


LCAT, BC-DMT; B.A., Hofstra University; M.S., Hunter College.