Tomi Hikida

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Associate Professor Construction/Facilities Management 212.647.7524 p Manhattan Campus, Manhattan 4th fl

Current Course Listing (13)

20/FA-CM-191-01 Professional Bid Proposal Simulation

20/FA-CM-201-01 Introduction to Construction Management

20/FA-CM-201-02 Introduction to Construction Management

21/SP-CM-201-01 Introduction to Construction Management

21/SP-CM-201-02 Introduction to Construction Management

20/FA-CM-291-01 Professional Bid Proposal Simulation

20/FA-CM-391-01 Professional Bid Proposal Simulation

20/FA-CM-461-01 Building Codes and Zoning

20/FA-CM-461-02 Building Codes and Zoning

20/FA-CM-491-01 Professional Bid Proposal Simulation

20/FA-CM-499-01 Capstone Project

21/SP-CM-499-01 Capstone Project

20/FA-CM-661-01 Building Codes And Zoning

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B.A., Bennington College; M.Arch., Columbia University; recipient, Alpha Rho Chi medal; AIA, LEED-AP.


AIAS faculty adviser; recipient, faculty development grant (2001–02) to enhance professional practice curriculum; participant, NAAB reviews; Intern Development Program Coordinator for Pratt; 2006 primary author of AIA’s Mentoring Guidelines, IDP Mentoring: The Essential Relationship Between Architects and Interns; experience includes work with Steven Holl, Michael Sorkin, Gaetano Pesce, HLW International, Gensler, and The Switzer Group.