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Lecturer Intensive English, Visiting Assistant Professor Intensive English Program 718.636.3450 p Brooklyn Campus, DeKalb Hall 3rd fl

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20/FA-ENGL-097-05 Intensive English Program

20/FA-ENGL-097-G05 Intensive English Program

20/FA-ENGL-102-08 Literary and Critical Studies for International Students II

20/FA-ENGL-102-06 Literary and Critical Studies for International Students II


M.A., University of Ireland; certificate in TEFL, Galway Language Centre, Ireland; has studied at the Takabijustu School of Art in Tokyo and the Massachusetts Institute of Art in Boston.


Has taught English in Ireland, Japan, and the United States; since 1992, has worked on a number of curriculum development projects involving English for academic purposes in Japan and Korea, English language training for the Beijing Olympic Games, and in middle schools in the People’s Republic of China; has conducted in-service teacher training in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Brazil with Ken Wilson; author of First Choice, an integrated skills course book (Oxford University Press).