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Visiting Instructor Digital Arts 718.636.3411 p 718.399-.4494 f Brooklyn Campus, Myrtle Hall LL

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21/FA-DDA-240-02 3D Modeling I

21/SP-DDA-243-02 3D Modeling II

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Stacey Kaelin is a freelance 3D Modeler and Illustrator. She is currently modeling characters, costumes and props for a virtual reality interactive game. As a versatile artist who enjoys working in both 2D and 3D, Stacey loves creating expertly finished artwork possessing a dynamic quality and believability. Her passion for small details and accuracy is apparent from her sketchbook drawings of anatomy and architecture, to her traditional and digital painting, as well as her 3D modeling. From highly rendered traditional media to digital illustration, Stacey's work celebrates the poetic interplay of texture and form, color and light, reality and story-telling.