Robin Simmonds

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Credit Continuing Education Instructor, Tutor Continuing and Professional Studies, HEOP 212.647.7199 p Manhattan Campus, Manhattan 2

Current Course Listing (8)

21/SP-PILAT-105W-01 Beginner Mat Pilates

21/SP-PILAT-135W-01 Core Integration

21/SP-YOGA-105W-01 Beginning Hatha Yoga

21/SP-YOGA-105W-03 Beginning Hatha Yoga

21/SP-YOGA-145W-01 Supported Yoga with Props

21/SP-YOGA-225W-03 Yoga of Meditation

21/SP-YOGA-225W-04 Yoga of Meditation


1983-1986 Dance and Choreography major at Virgina Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.
2003 200 hr Hatha Yoga Certification from Integral Yoga Institute, NY, NY.
2004-2006 Thai Massage Certification from Lotus Palm school of Montreal.
2006 Anatomy for Yoga teachers at The Breathing Project of NY, NY.
2007-2012 Iyengar Yoga Certification from The Iyengar Institute in NY, NY.
2014 Pilates mat training at Equinox, NY, NY.


Robin Simmonds was a professional modern dancer, choreographer and costume designer performing in NYC, the US, Europe and Israel from 1986-2000. She began her studies in Yoga, massage and Pilates and has received several certifications. She is primarily an Iyengar Yoga teacher with attention to alignment, but her rich and varied background in dance, gymnastics, massage and Pilates influences her teaching which is playful and dynamic. She is particularly interested in functional movement. Robin is a Buddhist and a long time student of the Yoga Sutras and these philosophies are woven through her classes, particularly in her Yoga and Meditation classes. She strives to demystify these teachings so they are accessible and applicable to students in daily life.