Peter De Staebler

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Assistant Professor History of Art and Design 718.636.3598 p Brooklyn Campus, East Hall 2

Current Course Listing (7)

20/FA-HAD-111-51 Themes in Art and Culture I

20/FA-HAD-111-52 Themes in Art and Culture I

21/SP-HAD-112-51 Themes in Art and Culture II

21/SP-HAD-112-52 Themes in Art and Culture II

20/FA-HAD-304-01 Greek and Roman Art

21/SP-HAD-405-07 Senior Thesis

21/SP-HAD-620-01 View and Constructing the Ancient Body


A.B., Bowdoin College; M.A., Ph.D., Institute of Fine Arts, New York University.


Art and architectural historian and classical archaeologist with more than 25 years of field experience in Turkey, Italy, and Greece; former Assistant Director of the New York University–University of Michigan Aphrodisias Regional Survey Project; previously taught in the PSPD Historic Preservation program.