Pierre de Looz

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Adjunct Associate Professor Humanities & Media Studies pdelooz@pratt.edu 718.636.3790 p Brooklyn Campus, DeKalb Hall 3

Current Course Listing (6)

20/FA-HMS-101A-14 Literary and Critical Studies I

21/SP-HMS-201A-15 Literary and Critical Studies II

20/FA-HMS-497B-03 Research Writing for Architecture Students

20/FA-HMS-497B-04 Research Writing for Architecture Students

21/SP-HMS-498B-03 Advanced Transdisciplinary Writing

21/SP-HMS-498B-04 Advanced Transdisciplinary Writing


M.Arch. Columbia University, G.S.A.P.P.; B.A. Comparative Literature, Yale University


Pierre Alexandre de Looz is an architect and writer. His courses explore interdisciplinary engagements between design fields and contemporary literature and discourse. Pierre de Looz teaches in the School of Architecture, Undergraduate Core Humanities and in Graduate Industrial Design. His academic work focuses on critical methods in writing, design and design research and is currently engaged in studying models of community-developed housing. Life-writing and the queer experience are the subjects of his writing practice.