Nicholas Agneta

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Adjunct Associate Professor Undergraduate Architecture 718.399-.4305 p 718.399-.4332 f Brooklyn Campus, Higgins Hall North 1ST FL

Current Course Listing (9)

21/FA-ARCH-363-03 Professional Practice

21/SU-ARCH-9400-01 Undergraduate 0-CREDIT Internship

21/FA-ARCH-9401-01 Undergraduate 1-Credit Internship

21/FA-ARCH-9402-01 Undergraduate 2-CREDIT Internship

21/FA-ARCH-9403-01 Undergraduate 3-CREDIT Internship

21/SU-ARCH-960A-01 Graduate Architecture 0-CREDIT Summer Internship

21/FA-ARCH-960B-01 Graduate Architecture Internship

21/FA-ARCH-960C-01 Graduate Architecture Internship

21/FA-ARCH-960D-01 Graduate Architecture Internship

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B. Arch., The Cooper Union.


Achieved licensure with New York State in 1986; architect and construction manager in the New York City metropolitan area; has taught at New York University and New York Institute of Technology; currently teaching Professional Practice and is IDP Coordinator at Pratt.