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Visiting Associate Professor Undergraduate Architecture msux@pratt.edu 718.399-.4305 p 718.399-.4332 f Brooklyn Campus, Higgins Hall North 1

Current Course Listing (8)

20/FA-ARCH-401-04V Advanced Design I

20/FA-ARCH-401-04 Advanced Design I

20/FA-ARCH-402-04 Advanced Design Ii

20/FA-ARCH-402-04V Advanced Design Ii

20/FA-ARCH-403-04V Advanced Design III

20/FA-ARCH-403-04 Advanced Design III

21/SP-ARCH-503-01 Degree Project: Design Studio

21/SP-ARCH-503-02 Degree Project: Design Studio


BS California Institute of Technology
MS Columbia University
BArch The Cooper Union
MA + PhD cand. Princeton University


Michael is Visiting Assistant Professor in Undergraduate Architecture at Pratt Institute, where he is coordinator and instructor of Degree Project. His research and design interest is machinic architecture, i.e. - architectural design strategies explicitly derived from the machinic processing of information.

Left brain-wise, he is a graduate of the California Institute of Technology and Columbia University, where he conducted research on plasma physics; right brain-wise, he is a graduate of The Cooper Union and Princeton University, where he is completing a dissertation on the interplay between science and architecture in the early works of R. Buckminster Fuller.

Michael founded his studio, NOF machinic architecture, in Hoboken, New Jersey in 2012, cofounded SITREP.at (with Pratt faculty Philippe Baumann) in 2013, and cofounded Airy Mobile Technologies Inc. in 2016.

www.nof.nyc / www.sitrep.at / www.airy.mobi