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Associate Professor Humanities & Media Studies mpham@pratt.edu (718) 636-3790 p Brooklyn Campus, DeKalb Hall 3

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19/FA-HMS-431S-02 Special Topics in Cultural Studies

19/FA-HMS-549A-01 Media Studies Encounters 1

19/FA-HMS-640S-01 Special Topics in Cinema and Media Studies

19/FA-HMS-9601-01 Media Studies Internship Workshop

19/FA-HMS-9602-01 Media Studies Internship Workshop

19/FA-HMS-9603-01 Media Studies Internship Workshop

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Ph.D. Ethnic Studies, University of California, Berkeley.


Minh-Ha T. Pham (Associate Professor) is an interdisciplinary scholar whose research examines how relations of race, gender, and capitalism shape and are reshaped by social media practices and platforms. Her writings on the subject appear in a wide range of scholarly and mainstream publications including Social Text, American Quarterly, Jacobin, and The Atlantic. She is also the author of Asians Wear Clothes on the Internet: Race, Gender, and the Work of Personal Style Blogging (Duke University Press 2015) which considers how social media has enabled new and old racially gendered forms of fashion labor.

Currently, she is working on two book projects: (1) a book, tentatively titled Social Legality: Mediating Race, Morality, and Piracy, that investigates how social media is an extra-legal but no less authoritative site for the production and maintenance of race and property relations in the context of fashion design, a work that is not protected under US copyright law (2) a co-edited collection of essays (with Anjali Vats and Deidre A. Keller) that intends to expand the interdisciplinary scope and reach of the subfield of race and intellectual property beyond the legal academy.