John Shapiro

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Professor Grad Center for Planning 718.399-.4340 p 718.399-.4379 f Brooklyn Campus, Higgins Hall South 1ST FL

Current Course Listing (16)

21/SP-PLAN-801D-02 Special Topics in Planning IV

20/FA-PLAN-891-01 Directed Research

20/FA-PLAN-891-01 Directed Research

20/FA-PLAN-891-01V Directed Research

20/FA-PLAN-892-01 Demo of Professional Competence

20/FA-PLAN-892-02 Demo of Professional Competence

21/SP-PLAN-892-01 Demo of Professional Competence

21/SP-PLAN-892-02 Demo of Professional Competence

21/SP-PLAN-893-01 Professional Competence in Progress

20/FA-PLAN-893-01 Professional Competence in Progress

21/SP-PR-718-01 Reuse Redevelopment of Historic Buildings

21/SP-PR-749A-02 Special Topics in Preservation

21/SP-PR-749A-03 Special Topics in Preservation

21/SP-UPM-602C-01 Proseminar: Economics

20/FA-UPM-602C-01 Proseminar: Economics

20/FA-UPM-699-01 Demonstration of Professional Competence


B.A., Clark University; M.S.C.R.P., Pratt Institute.


John Shapiro is a full time professor in and the former Chair of Pratt's Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment. Before, he was a principal of Phillips Price Shapiro Associates, Inc., one of the region’s leading planning consultancies. John teaches across discipline, including multi-disciplinary studios.