Jayna Brown

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Professor Humanities & Media Studies jbrow572@pratt.edu 718.636.3790 p Brooklyn Campus, DeKalb Hall 3

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21/SP-HMS-390S-01 Special Topics in Music and Sound Studies

21/FA-HMS-430S-02 Special Topics in Literary/Cultural Theory

21/FA-HMS-430S-05 Special Topics in Literary/Cultural Theory

21/FA-HMS-431S-05 Special Topics in Cultural Studies

21/SP-HMS-432S-01 Special Topics in Gender Studies

21/FA-HMS-501S-02 SPT: Modern/Contemporary Literature/ Culture

21/SP-HMS-590S-01 SPT: Music & Sound Studies

21/SP-HMS-631S-01 Special Topics in Cultural Studies

21/FA-HMS-631S-05 Special Topics in Cultural Studies


Jayna Brown received her Ph.D. in 2001 in African American and American Studies from Yale University.


Jayna Brown's areas of knowledge and interest include black expressive cultures, film, queer of color critique, anarchism, materialism and science fiction. Her first book, Babylon Girls: Black Women Performers and the Shaping of the Modern (Duke University Press, 2008) won Best Book awards from both the American Society for Theatre Research and the Theater Library Association. She has also published on African American race film and popular performance in various journals including The Journal of Popular Music Studies, GLQ, Social Text and Women and Performance. Her new book, Black Utopias: Speculative Life and the Music of Other Worlds (Duke University Press, forthcoming) traces black radical utopian practice and performance, from the psychic travels of Sojourner Truth to the cosmic transmissions of Alice Coltrane and Sun Ra.