Helena Van Vliet

Photo of Helena Van Vliet

Lecturer Continuing and Professional Studies hvanvlie@pratt.edu (212) 647-7199 p Manhattan Campus, Manhattan 2


Vordiplom Architektur RwtH Aachen, Germany
M Arch University of Pennsylvania, USA


Helena van Vliet AIA Dipl.-Ing. is a Biophilic Architect, Researcher & Speaker on Health and the Built Environment. She is Principal at Helena van Vliet LLC. www.helenavanvliet.com. Helena is licensed in the U.S. as well as in Germany, her country of origin. Helena considers Architecture a Health Care Profession, and has made the creation of spaces, which foster cognitive ease and positive emotional engagement with place her primary area of exploration. She views human attachment to and caring for place as essential for true sustainability as well as for physiological well-being. Helena is a biophilic consultant and facilitates biophilic design workshops and design charrettes. She is a contributor at the biophilic design hub 'Human Spaces', and a steering committee member of the international 'Biophilic Cities Network' www.biophiliccities.org. She is the founder of 'BioPhilly', a grass roots organization, which seeks to promote wild habitat biodiversity in urban Philadelphia. Helena is a guest speaker at various universities on the connection between architecture and health. She teaches Biophilic Design at Pratt Institute & is the Senior Thesis Advisor for Biophilic Design in the Jefferson University MSSD program. Helena is a member of the NIH 'Health in Buildings Roundtable'.