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Professor Math and Science 718.636.3614 p 718.399-.4482 f Brooklyn Campus, Activities Resource Center LL

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20/FA-MSCI-201-01 Symmetry, Shape & Space

21/SP-MSCI-201-01 Symmetry, Shape & Space


B.S., Brooklyn College; M.S., Ph.D., Courant Institute.


Publications Mathematical Aspects of Cotton Fiber Lengths Under various Breakage Models. Textile Research Journal 1964 Vol.34 Convergence Theorems For Linear Systems IEEE 1970 Vol 11-16 Composite Values of Exponential and Related Sequences Comm Pure and Applied Mathematics On the units of Cubic Fields Journal of Pure and applied Mathematics 1973 The Graphs of I Katai Journal of Pure and applied Mathematics 1974 Power-Quadratic Diophantine Equations and Descent. Journal of Pure and applied Mathematics 1978 On the Algebraic Independance of Dirchlet Series. Journal of Pure and applied Mathematics 1986 Minimal Bases for Cubic Fields. Journal of Pure and applied Mathematics 1991 Generalization of a Theorem of Mason. Journal of Pure and applied Mathematics 1994 A Comprehensive Mathematical Model for Three-Body Binding Equilibria. Journal Am. Chem. Soc. 2013 Professional experience Both as a consultant and full time employee engaged in the resolution of a wide variety of applied problems requiring mathematical and computer methodology. These included: Feasibility for the detection of fraud (American Express) Designed, programmed, debugged and tested adaptive learning system for equities trading. Designed program for bond bidding. Developed and tested new random number generators. Flow analysis program for resevoir at Hassi Messaoud.(C.F.P.,Paris) Computer navigation systems for nuclear submarines (Sperry) Predictor corrector methods for space orbit calculations. (Republic Aviation) Development of ship scheduling system.(U.S. Navy) Fitting of permeability contours. Application of filtering to celestial navigation in connection with the development of navigation for lunar module. (Grumman Aviation)