Gaia Hwang

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Associate Professor GR Communications/Package Des 212.647.7573 p Manhattan Campus, Manhattan 7

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21/SP-DES-659-04 Special Projects

20/FA-DES-760A-02 Graduate Seminar A

20/FA-DES-760B-02 Graduate Seminar B

20/FA-DES-796-02 MFA Thesis I

21/SP-DES-799-01 MFA Thesis II

21/SP-DES-799-08 MFA Thesis II

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B.S. Communication Design, M.S. Communication Design, Ph.D. Multimedia Communication, Politecnico diMilano.


Post-doctoral researcher, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; publications include DataFlow 2, Visual Complexity: Mapping Patterns of Information, Malofiej 19, Visual Storytelling, Parsons Journal of Information Mapping; exhibitions include Design Research Society (Bangkok), DesignEd (Hong Kong), HyperUrbain.2, the MIT Humanities + Digital Conference (Boston), NetSci2010 – Arts | Humanities | Complex Networks (Boston), SIGGRAPH09 Emerging Technology Conference (New Orleans), the MediaLAB Prado – Visualizar08 (Madrid); awards and honors include AIGA Compasso d’oro (Italy, 2011).