Gabriel Cohen

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Adjunct Associate Professor with CCE, Lecturer Writing Department, Continuing and Professional Studies 718.687.5770 p Brooklyn Campus, DeKalb Hall 3

Current Course Listing (5)

21/SP-WAC-497A-11 Thesis Writing

20/FA-WR-101-01 Writer's Studio I

21/SP-WR-102-03 Writer's Studio II

21/SP-WR-320-03 Special Topics

20/FA-WR-320-03 Special Topics


B.A. English, Wesleyan University.


Author of five novels and a nonfiction book; finalist for an Edgar award for Best First Novel; publications include The New York Times, Poets & Writers magazine, Time Out New, and many others; also taught writing at New York University, The Center for Fiction, and Long Island University; worked as a staff writer at the New Haven Advocate weekly newspaper.