Edward Perry Winston

Title: Visiting Assistant ProfessorDepartment: Grad Center for PlanningEmail: ewinston@pratt.eduPhone: (718) 636-3600 x6452 Fax: (718) 636-3709Location: Brooklyn Campus, Steuben Hall 2


B.A., Harvard University;
M. Arch., Rice University


Edward Perry Winston (R.A.) is architectural director at the Pratt Center for Community Development. He has a B.A. from Harvard University and an M.Arch. from Rice University. He has been active in architecture since 1978, and since 1990 as Senior Architect at the Pratt Center, where he has worked on the rehabilitation of more than 130 residential buildings in New York City and in upstate New York, school and day care projects, open space design, and on an urban agriculture project in East New York, Brooklyn. He has conducted research projects on apartment usage for the New York City Housing Authority, computerized architectural offices, and on sustainable development practices in an indigenous village in Ecuador. He made an award-winning documentary film, “Bordersville” about a Houston, TX neighborhood's efforts to obtain running water, and has published several book reviews in Design Book Review and JAE. Within the GCPE, Mr. Winston teaches a neighborhood studio focused on affordable housing and runs an annual “traveling studio” which has given students the opportunity to work in the former East Germany, Johannesburg, South Africa and elsewhere.