Eric Rosenblum

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Adjunct Associate Professor with CCE, Lecturer Intensive English Writing Department, Intensive English Program 718.636.3790 p Brooklyn Campus, DeKalb Hall 3rd fl

Current Course Listing (7)

20/FA-WR-120-03 Writing Elements I: The Sentence

21/SP-WR-202-04 Writer's Studio IV

21/SP-WR-320-11 Special Topics

20/FA-WR-320-11 Special Topics

20/FA-WR-320-11V Special Topics

20/FA-WR-325A-01 Topics in Journalism: Journalism Workshop: Prattler I

21/SP-WR-325B-01 Topics in Journalism: Journalism Workshop: Prattler II


B.A. English, Ohio University; M.F.A. Fiction Writing, Syracuse University.


Fiction and nonfiction have appeared in Chicago Tribune, Chicago Reader, Guernica Magazine, Washington Square Review, Dossier, Hobart (online), and Playboy (online).