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Associate Professor Math and Science dwright2@pratt.edu 718.399-.4255 p 718.399-.4482 f Brooklyn Campus, Activities Resource Center G33B

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21/FA-MSCI-204C-01V Personal Finance Mathematics

21/FA-MSCI-204C-01 Personal Finance Mathematics

21/FA-MSWI-224C-01 The Physics of Acoustic Music

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B.S., Pennsylvania State University; M.S., University of California at San Diego; Ph.D., Stanford University.


Professor Daniel Wright teaches and develops courses in physics and mathematics at Pratt Institute. He has served on a number of committees at the department, school, and institute level that deal with issues of curriculum, peer review, faculty development, sustainability, and campus diversity/equity/inclusion. His research interests are in college affordability and the environmental sustainability of the built environment. He is also Director of Pratt's STEAMplant initiative: pratt.edu/steamplant