Richard Duks Koschitz

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Associate Professor Undergraduate Architecture (718) 687-5620 p (718) 399-4332 f Brooklyn Campus, Thrift Hall 2nd fl

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19/SP-ARCH-401-03 Advanced Design I

19/SU-ARCH-401-03 Advanced Design I

19/SU-ARCH-402-03 Advanced Design Ii

19/SP-ARCH-402-03 Advanced Design Ii

19/SP-ARCH-403-03 Advanced Design III

19/SU-ARCH-403-03 Advanced Design III

19/SP-ARCH-581A-08 Special Topics


Ph.D., Design & Computation, M.I.T, Cambridge, MA
Dipl. Ing., Technische Universitaet Wien


Director of the Design Lab at Pratt, The Design Lab is a research initiative that supports faculty members who are interested in pursuing research projects. Conducting research at an Art and Design School is not a trivial endeavor and we strive to support faculty members to produce peer-reviewed work at Pratt.

Design Coordination Duks developed a new approach to teaching the first year studios in the School of Architecture at Pratt. The syllabi are well structured and guide students through several steps that focus on visual thinking. Regarding advanced studios the teaching approach uses series of problem solving exercises to allow students to master a specific skill that is then tested toward a design idea.

Reserach Projects Duks wrote his dissertation on the Curved-crease Paperfolding work of David Huffman, the well known computer scientist who invented loss-less compression. Duks has since developed several ways to teach and work with curved folds and continues to investigate this underexplored topic in geometry.
Duks developed 'Beetle Blocks' with Eric Rosenbaum and Bernat Romagosa, a software to teach algorithmic thinking to generate forms. He has held several research positions at M.I.T. and has evaluated and documented all of Heinz Isler’s models for the Heinz Isler Archiv at the ETH in Zurich in 2011.

Professional Work Duks has been working as a designer and architect since 2007. Prior to that he co-founded sparc, a design and research collaborative in with three colleagues at M.I.T. The practice has won the first prize of London 2008, an ideas competition for the River Thames Gallery and the first prize of the Gillette Sculpture Competition in Boston in 2010.
From 2000 to 2007, Duks was the lead designer at NMDA for all of the office’s built projects. The coauthored projects have won national and local AIA awards, and the last project Duks was in charge of, H.L.23 in New York, was also exhibited at MOCA in Los Angeles in 2007. In 1999, he worked with Nader Tehrani and Monica Ponce de Leon, and was the project architect for Mantra in Boston. Prior to working at Office da, he worked at Morphosis, Eric O. Moss, Asymptote, Coop Himmelblau, and Ian Ritchie Architects.