Donald Andreasen

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Adjunct Associate Professor Humanities & Media Studies (718) 636-3790 p Brooklyn Campus, DeKalb Hall 3

Current Course Listing (6)

19/FA-HMS-262A-01 Introduction to Acting

20/SP-HMS-262A-01 Introduction to Acting

20/SP-HMS-320C-01 Topics in Creative Writing: Screenwriting II

19/FA-HMS-320D-01 Screenwriting I

20/SP-WR-320-01 Special Topics

19/FA-WR-320-01 Special Topics


M.F.A. Playwriting, The Actors Studio, The New School.


Has had one-act plays produced at the HERE Theatre and Access Theatre in New York City; was co-writer of a short film produced by Fox Searchlab Pictures; has also worked as a voice-over artist doing various commercial work in addition to network television. Continues to work professionally in both theatre and film.