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Visiting Assistant Professor Math and Science 718.636.3764 p Brooklyn Campus, Activity Resource Center LL

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21/FA-MSCI-350P-01 Gold,glass and Granite: the Origins of Materials

21/FA-MSCI-350P-02 Gold,glass and Granite: the Origins of Materials

21/SP-MSCI-350P-02 Gold,glass and Granite: the Origins of Materials

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PhD, Earth and Environmental Science, The Graduate Center at CUNY, 2019; MS, Geology, Brooklyn College, 2013; BMus, University of Hartford, 1977


After a 30+ year career in the wine importing business, I returned to college to pursue my interest in geology, beginning in 2004. The interest led to my pursuit of graduate degrees and a career change. I left the wine business in 2012 and since then have been dedicated to teaching and geologic research. I have published three scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals. The first covered research for my masters degree on the origin of small magnetite deposits in the New Jersey Highlands. The second two covered research for my PhD degree. One paper discusses the results of micropetrography on rock samples from the Balmat, NY, zinc deposit. The second reports on the zinc isotopic trends in the same deposit. I am currently researching the geochemistry of the famous Sterling Hill zinc deposit in northwestern New Jersey and comparing it to a series of small deposits in southern Ontario.