Che-Wei Wang

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Adjunct Assistant Professor Undergraduate Architecture 718.399-.4305 p 718.399-.4332 f Brooklyn Campus, Higgins Hall North 1

Current Course Listing (14)

21/SP-ARCH-401-15 Advanced Design I

21/SP-ARCH-401-16 Advanced Design I

21/SP-ARCH-401-16V Advanced Design I

21/SP-ARCH-401-15V Advanced Design I

21/SP-ARCH-402-15 Advanced Design II

21/SP-ARCH-402-16 Advanced Design II

21/SP-ARCH-402-15V Advanced Design II

21/SP-ARCH-402-16V Advanced Design II

21/SP-ARCH-403-15V Advanced Design III

21/SP-ARCH-403-16V Advanced Design III

21/SP-ARCH-403-16 Advanced Design III

21/SP-ARCH-403-15 Advanced Design III

21/SP-ARCH-563A-02 Research Topics(R)

21/SP-ARCH-571B-01 Form and Space: Digital (Research)


B.Arch., Pratt Institute; M.P.S., ITP Tisch New York University; M.S. Media Arts, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab.


Che-Wei Wang [pron. say-way] was born in Tokyo, Japan to a Taiwanese mother and a Japanese / Taiwanese father. He has taught parametric modeling, advanced media, technics, design studios and various scripting workshops at Pratt Institute, University at Buffalo, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania and City College of New York. Che-Wei is the winner of the 2003 SOM fellowship and the Young Alumni Achievement Award from Pratt Institute.