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Visiting Assistant Professor Fine Arts 718.636.3634 p Brooklyn Campus, South Hall 1

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21/SP-PTG-206-01 Painting II

20/FA-PTG-207-01 Introduction to Painting I

20/FA-PTG-207-01 Introduction to Painting I

20/FA-PTG-207-01 Introduction to Painting I

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EDUCATION 2005 Advanced Studies - New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture, NY 2001 MFA, Indiana University – Master of Fine Art 1999 New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture, NY, Summer Program. 1999 BFA Painting, Art Institute of Chicago 1997 Art Institute of Chicago, Summer Program, Florence, Italy


CLINTEL STEED BIO Born in 1977, Clintel Steed was raised in a small, deeply religious Pentecostal African American community in Salt Lake City, Utah. From a young age, Steed was involved in the church, preaching and playing in the church band. As a child, Steed’s interest in art was sparked by the reproductions of the Mona Lisa and Goya’s The Boy in Red hat hung in his mother’s home. When Steed was seventeen, his high school art teacher invited a painting professor from a local university to speak to the students. Steed was struck by what he heard. Shortly after, he purchased his first oil paints. Steed became fixated on the process of making a painting, sometimes cutting school for weeks at a time to stay home and paint. After a year, Steed had produced an enormous body of work, for which he was awarded a partial scholarship to The Art Institute in Chicago. Upon graduating with a BFA in 1999, Steed was awarded a scholarship to study painting at the New York Studio School and later earned an MFA in Painting from Indiana University in 2001. Steed then moved to Harlem where he quickly earned recognition in the Harlem artistic community as a courageous, strong painter. In Harlem, Steeds work focused on Harlem’s street scenes and architecture and his identity as a young, African American man at the turn of the twenty-first century. In 2002, the painter and dean of the New York Studio School, Graham Nixon, welcomed Clintel Steed back to the New York Studio School as a founding student of the school’s Advance Research in Painting program. There from 2002 to 2006, Steed explored various themes in his work, sketching city scenes and creating paintings of news headlines by crushing pages and then painting them as landscapes. At this time, Steed also began to paint portraits, working to make his brush marks forceful and fluid and thus embodying a dramatic liquid state. During his time at the New York Studio School, Steed moved to Red Hook, Brooklyn and was approached by Mark Borghi of Borghi Fine Art, who signed Steed to a contract for exclusive rights to his work. In 2006, Steed was awarded from the Painting Prize, at the 181st Annual at the National Academy of Design (NY, NY). Steed has taught drawing and painting at Indiana University and the Chautauqua Art Institute, and he currently teaches at the New York Studio School. Solo exhibitions include The Sugar Building Series at Mark Borghi Inc, Bridgehampton NY. Group exhibitions include Sneaker D'el Art, Ellen's Run Foundation, Southampton NY; Concrete Walls, Los Angeles CA; The Von Liebig Art Center, Naples FL; and the National Academy of Design 181st Annual of Contemporary American Art. Steed is also the subject of “Mr. Clintel Steed and His Brother” a brief documentary film. The artist’s studio is in NY where he is working on a body of work he sees as grounded in the belief of a higher power but not under the canopy of any religious or social construct and thus both all inclusive and expansive.