Clio Maudlin

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Lecturer Continuing and Professional Studies 212.647.7199 p Manhattan Campus, Manhattan 2

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Barnard College, Columbia University B.A with a major in Architecture, class of 2014.


Graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University, Clio majored in architecture with the intent to practice, but quickly moved into the fabrication world of professional model-making. Fusing her spatial training and conceptual design approach with her new technical skill-set, a purely experimental project of attempting to create apparel out of structural materials such as plexiglass and wood quickly evolved into the growing fashion brand, Clio Sage. While she did not intend to pursue the fashion world, Clio accepted invitations to present runway shows for the 2017 fashion seasons for both Vancouver and New York Fashion Week, showing her first two collections, TESSELLATIONS and FUSIONS. Both her personal and collaborative work are born out of a desire to constantly innovate, integrate, and evolve her creations to exist in their own contextual space somewhere between the realms of the near future and current reality, creating the appearance of fiction with the aid of learned technical facts.