Ari Melenciano

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Visiting Assistant Professor UG Communications Design 718.636.3594 p Brooklyn Campus, Steuben Hall 4

Current Course Listing (4)

21/SP-CDGD-401-13 Graphic Design Senior Project

21/SP-COMD-252-05 Digital Prototyping

20/FA-COMD-371-18 Integrated VisCom I

20/FA-COMD-381-14 Integrated Viscom 2:NEW Forms

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B. Arts from University of Maryland, College Park | Art, Architecture and Design at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona | M.P.S. in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University


Ari Melenciano is an artist, creative technologist, and educator, invested in exploring how various forms of design impact the human experience. Much of her current research surrounds imaginative uses of human-computer interactive technologies, multi-sensorial and speculative design, experimental pedagogy, and racial activism. She is the founder of social institution, Afrotectopia - which is most commonly experienced as a new media arts, culture, and technology festival.