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Adjunct Associate Professor Undergraduate Architecture acoover@pratt.edu 718.399-.4305 p 718.399-.4332 f Brooklyn Campus, Higgins Hall North 1

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21/SP-ARCH-364-05 Construction Documents

21/SP-ARCH-364-05 Construction Documents

20/FA-ARCH-401-09 Advanced Design I

20/FA-ARCH-401-09V Advanced Design I

20/FA-ARCH-402-09V Advanced Design Ii

20/FA-ARCH-402-09 Advanced Design Ii

20/FA-ARCH-403-09 Advanced Design III

20/FA-ARCH-403-09V Advanced Design III

20/FA-ARCH-501-11 Degree Project: Research

20/FA-ARCH-501-12 Degree Project: Research

20/FA-ARCH-501-11V Degree Project: Research

20/FA-ARCH-501-12V Degree Project: Research

21/SP-ARCH-503-15 Degree Project: Design Studio

21/SP-ARCH-503-16 Degree Project: Design Studio

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B.Arch., University of Virginia; M.Arch., Yale University.


Abigail Coover is founder of Overlay Office - a practice that layers innovative design, development and project management. The work places an emphasis on experimentation with the interplay between geometry, materiality, color and perception to create unique spatial and volumetric experiences. Abigail received her Masters of Architecture from the Yale University School of Architecture. Her work and writings have been published in the New York Times, Wired, Metropolis, Tarp, and Project and exhibited at the The Druker Gallery, the A+D Museum, the Yale Architecture Gallery, One Night Stand, and the New York Center for Architecture. Along with Nathan Hume, Abigail is also a partner at Hume Coover Studio and co-creator and editor of suckerPUNCHdaily.com a website that reviews the work of contemporary artists, architects and designers who offer the stunningly unexpected. Abigail has previously taught architectural design as a lecturer at PennDesign, and as a critic at the Yale School of Architecture.