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Credit Continuing Education Instructor, Summer Instructor, Tutor Continuing and Professional Studies, HEOP 718.636.3453 p Brooklyn Campus, Information Science Center 2nd FL

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22/SP-YOGA-105W-07 Beginning Hatha Yoga

21/FA-YOGA-105W-07 Beginning Hatha Yoga

21/FA-YOGA-105W-04 Beginning Hatha Yoga

22/SP-YOGA-105W-04 Beginning Hatha Yoga

22/SP-YOGA-145W-03 Supported Yoga with Props

21/FA-YOGA-145W-02 Supported Yoga with Props

22/SP-YOGA-145W-02 Supported Yoga with Props

22/SP-YOGA-225W-05 Yoga of Meditation

21/FA-YOGA-225W-04 Yoga of Meditation

22/SP-YOGA-225W-04 Yoga of Meditation

21/FA-YOGA-225W-03 Yoga of Meditation

21/FA-YOGA-225W-05 Yoga of Meditation

22/SP-YOGA-225W-03 Yoga of Meditation

22/SP-YOGA-605W-07 Beginner Hatha Yoga Graduate Level

22/SP-YOGA-605W-04 Beginner Hatha Yoga Graduate Level

21/FA-YOGA-605W-07 Beginner Hatha Yoga Graduate Level

21/FA-YOGA-605W-10 Beginner Hatha Yoga Graduate Level

21/FA-YOGA-605W-04 Beginner Hatha Yoga Graduate Level

22/SP-YOGA-626W-05 Yoga of Meditation Graduate Level

22/SP-YOGA-626W-03 Yoga of Meditation Graduate Level

22/SP-YOGA-626W-04 Yoga of Meditation Graduate Level

21/FA-YOGA-626W-03 Yoga of Meditation Graduate Level

21/FA-YOGA-626W-05 Yoga of Meditation Graduate Level

21/FA-YOGA-626W-04 Yoga of Meditation Graduate Level

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Silver School of Social Work, New York University, New York, NY Master of Social Work, LMSW

Empire State College, New York, NY
Bachelors of Science, Human Behavior - Movement and Psychology

Laban/Barteneief Institute of Movement Studies, New York, NY
A year long program: Certified Movement Analyst (CMA)

Avni Institute of Art and Design, Tel Aviv, Israel September 1997 - July 2000
Art Diploma


Training Institute for Mental Health 2012-2015
Postgraduate Training in Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Kripalu Center For Yoga and Health
32 credits workshop for Social Workers and Yoga teachers
Trauma, Body, and Brain: Restoring the Capacity for Rhythm and Play
Antioch University, Keen, NH
Certification of 30 hours of intensive study: An Introduction to Movement Therapy

Integral Yoga Institute New York, NY
85 hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certification

Bhava Yoga 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Vipassana Meditation Technique,
10-day residential courses


Shahar has served as a faculty at Pratt Institute for over a decade, teaching mindfulness meditation and yoga for students who are dealing with stress related challenges, anxiety, depression and relationship issues at college. In 2012, she was honored with the Faculty Development Award for her unique holistic teaching approach at Pratt Institute. In 2014 Shahar was invited to share her knowledge at the TEDx "Live Well NYU” for the Happiness Symposium. In addition to her teaching Shahar is a licensed psychotherapist and the founder of TrueThriver, a private psychotherapy practice. Shahar holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from New York University and postgraduate certification in Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. She is also a Certified Movement Analyst from Laban Institute of Movement Studies and since mid 90’s, she has practiced and trained in Vipassana meditation. Her many years of experience teaching in NYC and abroad has earned her a distinguished reputation among students and colleagues. Shahar has made valuable contributions to the holistic wellness community of NYC by sharing her expanding body of work and knowledge on through lectures, workshops in New York and abroad.