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Adjunct Associate Professor - CCE, Lecturer Interior Design, Continuing and Professional Studies tohara@pratt.edu 718.636.3630 p Brooklyn Campus, Pratt Studios 2nd Fl

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22/SP-INT-481-04 Interior Options Labs

21/FA-INT-601-02 Interior Design Foundations Studio I

22/SP-INT-731-04 Interior Options Lab

21/FA-XCSI-801-01 Environmental Impact on Design for Healt

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Computer Science, University of California, Los Angeles; Architecture, University of California, Berkeley; Harvard University Graduate School of Design: Intensive Program.


Mr. Ohara has engaged in design projects in both the East & West spanning from product design, exhibition design, interior design, to architectural services. He is a principal designer at SpatialDesignStudio in NYC. As a FIPSE grant recipient, he serves as a coordinator for Sustainable Pratt (greenweek). Recently published project includes Japan Brand "Unfolding" exhibition with Japanese Ministry of Trade at Felissimo Design House.

"Good design reflects successful combination of collaborating imaginations from diverse disciplines and challenging the constraints of physical/financial limitations while providing an environmentally suitable solutions."