Stephen Lograsso

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Adjunct Assistant Professor Construction/Facilities Management 212.647.7524 p Manhattan Campus, Manhattan 4th fl

Current Course Listing (12)

21/SP-CM-9401-01 Internship I (1 Credit)

21/FA-CM-9401-01 Internship I (1 Credit)

21/FA-CM-9402-01 Internship I (2 Credit)

21/SP-CM-9402-01 Internship I (2 Credit)

21/SP-CM-9403-01 Internship I (3 Credit)

21/FA-CM-9403-01 Internship I (3 Credit)

21/FA-FM-9701-01 Internship

21/SP-FM-9701-01 Internship

21/SP-FM-9702-01 Internship

21/FA-FM-9702-01 Internship

21/FA-FM-9703-01 Internship

21/SP-FM-9703-01 Internship


B.S., New York Institute of Technology.


25 years of experience in facility and construction management; has provided services for various clients including Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, McGraw-Hill, and Hertz.