Robert Lyons

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Adjunct Assistant Professor Digital Arts (718) 687-5930 p (718) 399-4494 f Brooklyn Campus, Myrtle Hall LL

Current Course Listing (10)

20/SP-DDA-380-01 Stop-Motion Animation

20/SP-DDA-500-08 Special Topics

20/SP-DDA-643-01 Digital Animation Studio

20/SP-DDA-9401-01 Digital Arts Internship 1 Credit

20/SP-DDA-9402-01 Digital Arts Internship 2 Credits

20/SP-DDA-9403-01 Digital Arts Internship3 Credits

20/SP-DDA-9601-01 Digital Arts Internship 1 Credit

20/SP-DDA-9602-01 Digital Arts Internship 2 Credits

20/SP-DDA-9603-01 Digital Arts Internship 3 Credits

20/SP-SOA-699-10 Independent Study


B.S. Experimental Animation, State University of New York at New Paltz.


An animation artist with a history in photographic and optical special effects; has worked with many of NYC's most prominent production houses; film and TV credits include: Pee Wee's Playhouse, Peter Gabriel's Big Time music video, Paramount Picture's Star Trek, Bill Morrison's Decasia and Zbigniew Rybczynski's The 4th Dimension; founded the animation/effects company, Interface Arts.