Robin Mollicone

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Adjunct Assistant Professor Fashion Design 2306874 p Brooklyn Campus, Steuben Hall 2ND FL

Current Course Listing (10)

20/FA-FASD-210-01 Design + Materiality

21/SP-FASD-391-01 Accessories Collection

21/SP-FASD-9401-01 One Credit Fashion Internship Elective

20/FA-FASD-9401-01 One Credit Fashion Internship Elective

20/FA-FASD-9402-01 2Credit Fashion Internship Elective

21/SP-FASD-9402-01 2Credit Fashion Internship Elective

21/SP-FASD-9403-01 Three Credit Fashion I

20/FA-FASD-9403-01 Three Credit Fashion I

20/FA-FASD-9404P-01 Fash Internship (4 Credits)

21/SP-FASD-9404P-01 Fash Internship (4 Credits)


B.F.A. Fine Arts/Fibers, Syracuse University.


Artist and jewelry designer; teaches fashion jewelry design, sustainable practices, and served as an internship adviser for fashion students; exhibitions include galleries in New York City.