Chinaedu Maduagwu

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Assistant to the Chairperson, Visiting Assistant Professor Design Management 212.647.7538 p Manhattan Campus, Manhattan 701

Current Course Listing (5)

21/SP-ACM-651-02 Finances and Financial Reporting For Nonprofit Managers

21/FA-DM-631-03 Leadership Behavioral Simulation

21/FA-DM-661-02 Financial Reporting & Analysis

21/SU-DM-662-02 Money and Markets

21/SU-DM-662-02 Money and Markets


M.P.S. Design Management, Pratt Institute

M.S. Data Analytics and Visualization, Pratt Institute

CFI certified Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst


Chinaedu has an undergraduate degree in Industrial Design from University of Louisiana, Lafayette and a Master's degree in Data Analytics and Visualization and Design Management from Pratt Institute, New York. He has worked as a product designer for various firms. More recently, his design passion has led him to work in Design and business strategy positions in New York. He currently resides in New York City where he works at Pratt Institute in the Design Management department and as Visiting Assistant Professor.