Richard Green

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Professor Design Management 212.647.7538 p Manhattan Campus, Manhattan 701

Current Course Listing (15)

20/FA-ACM-621-01 Strategic Marketing for Arts & Culture

20/FA-ACM-625-01 Leadership and Team Building

21/SP-ACM-628-02 Advertising & Promotion

20/FA-ACM-631-02 Behavioral Simulation

21/SP-ACM-632-01 Organizational Behavior

21/SP-ACM-632-02 Organizational Behavior

21/SP-ACM-664B-02 Shaping the 21st Century: Integrative Captone

20/FA-ACM-664B-02 Shaping the 21st Century: Integrative Captone

20/FA-DM-621-01 Strategic Marketing

20/FA-DM-631-02 Leadership Behavioral Simulation

20/FA-DM-632-01 Leadership and Team Building

21/SP-DM-633-01 Managing Innovation and Change

21/SP-DM-633-02 Managing Innovation and Change

21/SP-DM-674-02 Shaping the 21st Century: Design Integrative Capstone

20/FA-DM-674-02 Shaping the 21st Century: Design Integrative Capstone


He is currently on the faculty of Pratt Institute Design Management Program teaching Innovation and Change, Organizational Behavior, Strategic Leadership, and Strategic Marketing and is teaching. He has taught Managing Change at New York University's Stern Graduate School of Business, Marketing Communications at Yeshiva University and Principles of Advertising at Fordham University Richard has over 30 years of experience in new product development, marketing and operations management as Director of Marketing with several Fortune 500 companies including Montgomery Ward and Citibank-Diners Club, where he was responsible for new business ventures and product development. His professional consulting experience includes data base marketing, branding, new product development, catalog sales, and telemarketing.