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Professor Digital Arts morourke@pratt.edu 718.636.3782 p 718.399-.4494 f Brooklyn Campus, Myrtle Hall 4 West

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21/SP-DDA-606B-02 Graduate Seminar II

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M.F.A., University of Pennsylvania; Ed.M., Harvard�University; B.A., St. Joseph's University


Artist, author, and educator; exhibitions include Kennedy Center for the Arts (Washington, D.C.), Musée d’Art Moderne (Paris), Isetan Museum (Tokyo), Laumont Editions (New York City), Hong Gah Museum (Taipei), Uma Gallery (New York City); artwork encompasses printmaking, murals, sculpture, drawing, and animation, and combines digital and traditional techniques; work focuses on large-scale multimedia murals, multimedia sculpture, digital prints; the interactive multimedia works combine static imagery, drawing, video, 3-D animation; recent work is handmade artist books combining his original imagery and poetry; worked at NYIT Computer Graphics Lab with pioneers and inventors of computer imaging and animation; worked for artist Frank Stella, producing sculptural models, graphics, animation; consulted on digital imaging for artists, including Jenny Holzer; author of two books and numerous articles about digital art; has also taught kindergarten, conversational French, and English as a foreign language in Birkina-Faso, Africa.